På Magiske Timer blir det tre forskjellige seminarer:

Jacob Schenström

Jacob Schenström (Sverige)

Jacob Schenström fra Sverige kom på 2. plass i kategorien mikro-magi ved FISM 2022 i Canada.

I dette seminaret vil Jacob blant annet vise hvordan man finner metoder til effektene sine. Han vil bruke eksemplar fra sin prisvinnende Cups & Balls-akt.

Han vil også vise hvordan han bruker sin memorized deck til å improvisere frem magiske effekter.

Til slutt viser han noen forbedringer på til vanlige close-up-triks.

Tom Stone

Tom Stone (Sverige)

Tom Stone live in Stockholm, Sweden. Through the years Tom have gained a reputation for his practical innovations and his knowledge about misdirection.

His two books ”Vortex” and ”Maelstrom” are known as modern classics. Three times he have been nominated for the FISM special awards, he got the 2015 Creative Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts, and he is a master at annoying people on Facebook.

Tom also initiated ”Mystique” - a three year long experiment in Stockholm where he and three colleagues each month produce and perform a new full-evening show, all new material, nothing recycled from show to show.

He has a strong interest in matters relating to further education for experienced magicians, and was the head instructor at three courses given at Stockholm University of the Arts.

This lecture focus on practical applications of misdirection and attention management, richly illustrated with routines for parlor and close-up.

Most of the effects are new and have never been seen before at magic conventions.

Nikola Arkane

Nikola Arkane aka «FizzWizzPop» (Nord-Irland)

Creating Memorable Magic for Children

When a character is a mixture of Deadpool, Pippi Longstocking and Gollum therefore it makes complete sense that it really needs to be seen to be believed.

In this lecture for Magicians, FizzWizzPop breaks down what it takes to create magic that is engaging, comical and above all inspires children to believe in the true joy that is real magic!

To discover FizzWizzPop’s secret to success we look at

  • Character
  • Tools and theatrical devices
  • Storytelling
  • The real secret behind creating a successful business performing magic for children
  • Finding the passion to work with and for children.

and she will aim to deliver that by breaking down how she

  • Structures her performances
  • Takes classical effects and makes them Pop!
  • Manages audiences and how this skill has developed over the years.